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First Pic Of Mel Gibson On Expendables 3 Set

Check out the first picture of Mel Gibson on The Expendables 3 set.  He looks great, nice subtle bad guy thing going on.  That looks very much like former boxing champion Daisy Lang he has on his arm there.  Again.  Bulgarian media reported that she was part of the cast, or at very least involved in fight sequences, but that’s bullshit.  Lang was brought in from Germany by her friend Sylvester Stallone for a set visit.  This is likely an old photo from that same day.  Meanwhile, this article claims that Mel is a big hit with the cast and crew on set, rivaled only in popularity and friendliness by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Sounds about right.

More as we get it.  Be sure to check out our Expendables 3 Section for everything EX3.