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Scott Adkins Talks Ninja 2

Scott Adkins has been promoting Ninja 2: Shadow Of A Tear recently.  He’s given an interview with David J. Moore this week and it’s pretty in depth.  It shows Adkins’ knowledge and respect for his mainstay genre, not to mention just being a class act in general.  Some highlights:

“There was a hell of a lot of martial arts fighting in the first one. I think there’s actually more in this one. More from just me – I think I’ve got about 12 fights in it, ranging from really long to short and sweet. It’s definitely a very physical part”

“No CGI, no silly bat wings.”

“You’re going to get brilliant fights, and you’re going to get the best people in the business doing what they love to do. We hope we pulled the story off. You never know until you see it. You never know.”

You can read the full interview at  here