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Sylvester Stallone Expendables 3 Interview

Below is an interview with Sylvester Stallone with Bulgarian media.  It’ll probably be his last in Bulgaria and last Expendables 3 interview ’till real promotion starts in 2013.

Mr. Stallone for the third time you are in our country and the second time you come here to shoot “The Expendables.” How the country has changed over the years? Is there a difference?

The difference is huge.  Filming in the US can be more difficult these days, now your people can do anything. They’re are fantastic professionals. Now it is easier to obtain any materials you need. In Bulgaria they work hard. Almost everyone speaks English and you can understand them, so the stars do not have any problems in this regard. The first time was different. I just can not believe how much has changed – one hundred percent improvement. You already enjoy the latest technologies, the sound is a thousand times better, everything is better. My impressions are very good. Ten times easier than it was to do “The Expendables 2”.

 What difficulties did you have to overcome?

It’s like another world – two different cultures, trying to grind flour. Somehow we got used to it, but it takes time. Now everything is perfect – the food, the people. It can be difficult – though in this production we have 17 stars. Yet all goes according to plan. You have to admit the Bulgarians in “Nu Boyana” – did it perfect. Without them, everything would be much worse.

Were you able to see some Bulgarians?  

No. The thing is that people imagine that making a movie is a big party that night going out, dancing, going to bars. Nothing like this – in the evening you crawl into your room, lock the door, stick your head into your pillow and you wake up in the morning. Our life is very boring. Filming is tedious work. Everything is slow, heavy, but the end result is worth it! If you do go out – as I was in a restaurant, I loved it, but most are in the restaurant, because we are too tired to go elsewhere.

Have you ever been chased paparazzi in Bulgaria?

Yes, I’ve been pursued.

Where are you shooting outside Boyana?

We did a fantastic scenes at the Museum of Art (actually talking about building “Vertigo” to “Bulgaria”), at the airport, which also was amazing. We built a variety of decors. We even raised them over a bridge in the middle of a military base. Such a thing can not happen in America. And they were built in no time – in the middle of the grass. There, we shot a great scene with Mel Gibson with attack helicopters, very big.

What to expect from “The Expendables 3”?

This will be the best episode. We have a great director and a true star team. I have not seen a movie with so many stars. Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Jason Statham – the list is endless. We also have a new generation of stars – 21 to 22 years old. We have a world MMA Champion who does her own stunts. So viewers can expect from the new movie “The Expendables 3” humor, dramatic moments, tension, but mostly surprises.