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TimeCop Director Talks Enemies Closer (2014)

Normally you expect DTV movies to be shit.  But there’s a likely exception on the horizon in Enemies Closer, a Peter Hyams-directed actioner starring Jean Claude Van Damme, who’ll play the villain.  Hyams needs no introduction (Narrow Margin, Sudden Death) and as expected, it seems he took the project seriously.  He’s been talking how proud he is of it to DenOfGeek.  Hyams mentions a January release, which is what After Dark told me too (‘Late January’ specifically), which contradicts most online release dates such as Amazon listing a release for the next few weeks.  But I have a suspicion it’s ADA themselves who are wrong.  Here’s what Hyams had to say:

The film that I’ve just finished with Jean-Claude, [Enemies Closer], I’m kind of proud of. It was done on a very low budget, and in a very short amount of time, and I think this is a Jean-Claude Van Damme no one’s ever seen. He plays an absolutely, flamboyantly, lunatic, evil person who… I think you’ll have to see it, but he’s funnier than you’ve ever seen him, he’s nuttier than you’ve ever seen him on screen, and there are no curves. So he’ll be one way, and then at a 90-degree sharp angle, he’ll do something that is so cruel and so violent.
I thought, to create that kind of character, with this really unexpected persona for Jean-Claude, would be really interesting. 

Here’s that awesome trailer again, for good measure;

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