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Update On Expendables 4, Female Expendables

We reported recently that the Female Expendables movie would shoot in Nu Boyana studios, Bulgaria, next autumn.  An update on that, it’ll still be shot in Nu Boyana but shooting has been moved forward to April 2014.  Avi Lerner has been speaking with Standart news on this movie:  In April, it is the turn of the female version of “The Expendables” – superaktrisite with Meryl Streep and Cameron Diaz. I am confident that you will get a great story. All women think and feel the same way – wherever you are in the world. The only problem is that neither I nor any other man can understand them”.  The movie will be set in Brunei (Southeast Asia).

More interestingly, Lerner told the same source that an Expendables 4 will ‘probably’ shoot in Bulgaria as well.  “I am extremely pleased by everything that happened here because of the “Expendables 3.” It was the best – studio teams locations. And the second part made in Bulgaria. And the fourth will probably shoot here.”  That’s bad news to be honest.  I don’t think we need an Expendables 4, firstly.  It’ll be a watered down cast surely, unless they do something like give Schwarzenegger his own crew.  Second, more Bulgaria?  Fuck.  It may be cheap, but it shows on camera.