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Fast & Furious 7 Filming In Abu Dhabi

While the ensemble for Fast & Furious 7 shoots in Atlanta and Los Angeles this month, others in crew and production are in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates filming stunt and action sequences.  That should prove to be some pretty impressive production values, given the wealth of the UAE.  With a typical Fast & Furious casting call all sorts of cars show up.  Can you imagine a casting call for extras in the UAE, where seemingly every man and his neighbour owns a Lamborghini?  This is one way of making a movie look spectacular.  UAE scenes have been confirmed to feature street racing, as we reported.  Indian actor Ali Fazal will play one.

The main stars will not show up in the UAE untill January 2014 though, including Fazal who will boost this movies sales in India — as if it needed more exposure.  


Lastly, two new pics…

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