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Gibson Delivers Death Blow To Haters: Grows Close To EX3 Co-Star

Mel Gibson, the king of all men, is on a comeback streak.  Step back people, here he comes.  First Machete Kills, then The Expendables 3.  The last Expendables movie grossed $313 million, it’s no small franchise.  Then he has Viking epic Berserker coming up, due to be shot in Ireland.  There are even rumors of a Lethal Weapon 5.  All of this is bad news for Mel’s minority of staunch haters.  But things are only going to get worse for the haterz, as Mel used 2014 blockbuster The Expendables 3 to not only facilitate his comeback, but to also court co-star and supermodel Sarai Givaty.  This is because Mel Gibson knows what women want.

I mean, just look at her.

But there’s yet another added bonus.  Sarai Givaty is not only a supermodel, but a Jewish supermodel.  So Mel not only stars in a movie that’ll probably gross over $400 million, but also proves he’s no anti-semite.  He also gets the girl. states… “The 57-year-old actor has been getting on well with the Israeli beauty on the set of ‘Expendables 3’ and insiders say he has won her over with his charm.”  The fact is that no woman can resist a God:  “She loves his sense of humour, they’re getting closer by the minute.”  We’re witnessing the one-two death blow to haterz.

The return of the king. Haterz gonna hate!