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Updates On Seagal: Lawman + Mad Max: Fury Road

  • Steven Seagal’s Official Site has been updated with news that the ‘lost’ season of Lawman will premiere in January 2014.  Well it’s not news so much as it is a confirmation, it’s been known for a while.  There was nothing ‘lost’ about it, it was in fact legally banned from airing while an investigation took place over a cockfighting raid that took place where Seagal wrongly raided a mans house.  The man, called Jesus, had his house attacked by Seagal in a tank because he believed an illegal cockfighting ring was taking place there.  In fact it was only a chicken farm and dozens of chickens and one puppy were massacred.  Jesus sued for $100,000.  If only I was making this up – this season should prove to be true hilarity.

Incidentally, has an article up on the doctrine of Seagalogy, of which we at this site are keen students.  Including a new quote on Seagal and weapons: “Also, a stylist who fitted him for a tuxedo for the Academy Awards once said, “I had to tailor the tux around two giant guns. He said he needed ‘cover’ in case ‘they’ rushed the stage on him. Who ‘they’ were, I have no idea.'”


  • A small update on Mad Max: Fury Road.  Since additional shooting is coming up, poor Charlize Theron has had to shave her hair off again (pictured, it suits her – she looks cute).  Maybe she should demand compensation, like Sigourney Weaver did in Alien3. What’s hilarious though is that the article linked, from the Daily Mirror (one of the UK’s biggest print newspapers) is comprised of lies, top to bottom.  It claims that re-shoots are taking place in Namibia, due to poor test screenings.  They even go as far as making up a fake quote: “However, early audience tests showed cinema-goers weren’t too impressed with a few scenes, so the director and writers have re-grouped and made some important changes. Naturally they want everything to be perfect as it’s a big-budget movie.”  In fact, there have been no test screenings and the movie is not returning to Namibia.  They are headed to Australia for additional shooting of scenes that did not get filmed in Africa.  We keep pointing this out, but there’s a difference between re-shoots and additional shooting.  Check out our recent update on why that happened, though.