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(VIDEO) Sensei Seagal Shits On Obama, CNN And US Government

Seems that Sensei Seagal ain’t too happy with his government.  He’s given a 30 minute interview with Russia Today where he shits on Obama, CNN and the ‘current regime’, particularly for actions being carried out in Syria.  Although it’s funny to see that the interviewer is clearly savvy enough to appeal to his ego (complimenting him on his experiences in war – what), it’s also nice to see Seagal show some conviction for once. Dare I say it, he’s actually quite articulate here.  It’s funny to see Seagal claim that he became a police officer in 1982 to stop the pillaging of helpless victims… this comes after a recent incident where Seagal assaulted an innocent man’s home with a tank. Typically, a Seagal interview that is saturated with delusions of hilarious and dubious grandeur.  Seagal, incidentally, also takes the time to shit on actors with delusions of grandeur.

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