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Pictures From WW2 Tank Movie Fury (2014)

This will be the first of two updates on Fury (2014) this week.  For the unaware, it’s a WW2 tank movie starring Brad Pitt, written and directed by David Ayer.  First update, here are some new shots from the movie.  In the first picture is a Panzer VI (Tiger) and that’s interesting because there is only one remaining operational Tiger in the world and the museum that owns it, in England, does not loan it for movie production, that kind of thing is big time wear and tear.  There are a few Tigers sitting around, but only one that can drive.  So what is it?  CGI?  Doesn’t seem be, looks like a candid shot.  To me, it looks somewhat small for a real Tiger.  It could be that it’s some type of static prop.  It’s not a replica (see our article on Tiger replicas in movies here).

Later in the week ManlyMovie will put up a screenplay review for this movie.  I’m about halfway through it.  It reads well, so far at least.  It’s a fucking tight little script.  Ayer has really gone to town on his research, there’s an authenticity in there that rivals The Beast of War (review), the greatest tank movie ever made.  But… we’ll see, often a movie can fuck up in the third act.

Check out these shots, thanks to Frenchie: