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Expendables 3 Pics: Gibson, Stallone, Finale…

UPDATED:  We’ve added a few more pictures here taken from the finale, added at bottom.

It has been kind of a while since we’ve posted any Expendables 3 pictures here on the site.  The movie has been finished for a while now which is why.  Some pop up now and again but aren’t really worth updating. These two are different though because Mel looks totally badass.

On another note we’re thinking the next trailer will hit in early April but that is just our speculation. No official confirmation on that.  Some also hope for a late Seagal cameo on the basis of a recent interview of his.  Forget it, not happening, you just have to understand how Seagal’s mindset works, i.e. lies garnished with smaller lies.  The Expendables 4 on the other hand…

Full sized photos then.  You can check the complete history of The Expendables 3 via our thorough Expendables 3 Section.

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