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RoboCop (2014) Director Shits On RoboCop 2 (1990)

The new RoboCop movie is a guaranteed flop, they might as well have taken the budget and burned the fuckin’ money.  This new director though, what is it with him?  First he says at Comic Con 2013 that RoboCop really does not need to be Rated-R.  It’ll be fine as PG-13 he says, because violence isn’t really necessary.  Then he goes on to tell SFX magazine (February) that the whole idea behind the original movie and what made it successful was the message of ‘automation of violence and Fascism’.  So which is it, José?  Could it be that you’re just a cowardly yes-man?

Forget it, kids.  This guy’s a serious asshole, as his latest stunt is to take aim at RoboCop 2 (1990).  When SFX Magazine ask him for their opinion on RoboCop 2, the RubberCop director’s response is: “I pretend they never made it!”. 


Now I know RoboCop 2 isn’t as good as RoboCop, but boy is it a damned competent sequel.  So to have a man who has directed what will possibly be the most hated remake/update/reboot ever come out and take aim at shit out of his league really is something.  It reminds me on when Robert Rodriguez took a shit on Predator 2 when he was worrying everyone with his ‘Predators’ movie.

So.  MGM… you’re scumbags, your directors is a scumbag… and scumbags see the judge on Monday morning!  Now get out of our office and take laughing boy with you!