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Tarantino Script Leak: Gawker Fights Back

Last week the script for Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie The Hateful Eight appeared online.  This happens every now and again as you’ll probably have noticed if you regularly read this site.  Sometimes when these things leak reviews will appear online, but some sites will go one further and post the actual script online (or egregiously link right to it).  Quentin Tarantino is now suing for doing just that with The Hateful Eight.

In response Gawker has laid out why Tarantino’s action is bogus.  And they are right on these points.  First they say that the whole thing is a publicity stunt by Tarantino, at their expense.  That’s true,  Tarantino is an attention seeker.  Before this leak, for a project he wanted to keep secret, he sure did blowhard to anyone who would listen that he was going to tackle the western genre again with his new script.  He then made a big hoopla out of the script being leaked by a trusted friend/actor out of several he sent it to.  Conveniently, none of these actors were revealed.

Gawker also points out that they didn’t actually post the script.  They simply linked to another server where it was uploaded.  So that should prove to be a tough one for Tarantino and his web-illiterate lawyer to go after.  You also have to wonder if the actual script was copyrighted, after all why would a director do that to something he’s sending to friends in confidence?

Bottom line, to me, Tarantino, egomaniac, announced that he was going to make a western.  In response, not one fuck was given by anyone.  This is probably because Tarantino hasn’t made a good movie since 1997 and most are sick of his one-trick pastiche bullshit.  So in response, attention seeker Tarantino manufactures a publicity stunt.  I hope this fails for Tarantino and Gawker comes out on top.