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Good News – Kevin Costner Returning To Western Genre

First, if you haven’t seen Open Range (2002), check it out, stat.  Then you’ll understand why I’m labelling this ‘good news’.  Kevin Costner may be wasting his time recently with crap like 3 Days To Kill (review by PvtCaboose91 here) so to come back to doing what he does best…?  Most welcome.

Here’s what he told Collider:

“I’ve got this Western that I think I could make. I actually have this idea to make them all at once and release one on Memorial Day, one on Thanksgiving, and then one on the Fourth of July, all within a 12 month span, because it’s all the same story but it truly is a journey, with a fourth movie coming right after.

Will I be able to do that? I don’t know. But that’s what I think about, that’s what I try to do. And people go, ‘Oh that’s really interesting, Kevin. We don’t think we can do that.’ And I’m thinking ‘Man, that’s a really good idea.’ I thought that was a true ongoing series, or sequel if you will, that actually was an honest one. A second one wasn’t invented because the first one made a little money.”

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve felt there has been a bit of a western drought in recent years.  Or maybe I’ve just missed ’em.  If there any post-Open Range out there worth mentioning, sound off.