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Trailers For 24, Wesley Snipes’ Gallowwalkers + Drive Hard

We have three additional trailers to show here today.

The first is Wesley Snipes’ Gallowwalkers which will receive a UK release on the 5th of May.  In the movie, a cursed gunman (Snipes) whose victims come back from the dead recruits a young warrior to help in the fight against a gang of zombies.  It also features Diamond Dallas Page, former WCW/WWE wrestler and of ‘DDP Yoga’ fame.

Second is the trailer for Drive Hard starring John Cusack and Thomas Jane.  The synopsis: “A former race car driver turned driver’s training instructor (Jane) is abducted by a mysterious thief (Cusack) and forced to be the wheel-man for a crime that puts both in the sights of the cops and the mob and leads them all on a chase across Australia’s Gold Coast.”  We’ll have reviews up for both Gallow Walkers and Drive Hard when the screeners arrive soon.

Lastly here’s another update on 24: Live Another Day, which returns to our screens this May.  A new TV trailer from the feature is now online.

Keifer Sutherland will once again return as Jack Bauer attempts to unravel a terrorist attack of devastating proportions that will change the international landscape.  The show will once again use a real-time narrative and is set eight years after the last episode.  It’ll be presented across 12 episodes.  One cool addition to the cast is Michael Wincott, who starred in Alien: Resurrection and as the bad guy opposite Eddie Murphy in Metro.  That is one cool cat – he’ll be playing a high profile hacker.

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