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(VIDEO) First Trailer For Swelter (2014)

The first trailer for Swelter (2014) is online.  Swelter was shot on location in Los Angeles, the first time Van Damme has shot a movie in California since the 1990’s.  Officially Swelter is ‘In the vein of the brutal heist drama Reservoir Dogs, the modern crime thriller A History of Violence, and the classic western High Plains Drifter, SWELTER is a violent story of greed and retribution’. 

Also in case you might have missed it, also be sure to check out ManlyMovie’s exclusive interview with Van Damme’s co-star and producer Daniele Favilli, with exclusive pics, by clicking here.

Still no word on a release date, that we do not have, yet.  However pre screening reviews tested positively so the wait is probably going to be worth it!

Check it out!