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IGN EX3 Set Visit + A Rejigged ’80s-Style Trailer

Last September, IGN visited the set of The Expendables 3.  And if nothing else, finally, someone (they) have gotten some words out of Wesley Snipes.  “Snipes is asked what his preparation was for this film. “I watched Expendables 1 and 2,” he deadpans to widespread laughter. “I do my research…”

Snipes lays the praise on Stallone:  “Sly and I did a film a long time ago called Demolition Man,” recalls Snipes, “and that was my first foray into the world of big action movies. In some sense he’s my mentor when it comes to that. So to get a call to come and join this wonderful cast and work with my friend again, it was a no-brainer.”

No words from the GOAT (you know who), as he wasn’t on set yet.  But Stallone did give him some good words – which wouldn’t be a first.  “Mel’s a fantastic filmmaker, a great actor,” enthuses Stallone. “He and I are going to have a real one-on-one fight that’s going to be pretty violent and interesting. And he’s getting into some very physical shape for this, he’s not taking it lightly at all. I’m getting worried!”

So to summarize, this is one of the first good reports on The Expendables 3, so you can sense the movie draws closer.  You can read the full thing by clicking hereOne last thing, our friend ‘Barney Rosshas submitted a nice ’80s-style remixed trailer of the Roll Call clip, check it out below.

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