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Mel/Chan’s Movie Most Expensive Chinese Movie Ever?

UPDATED: Well with the movie supposedly shooting this week, if it actually is, one person we can confirm is not on set, or even in China, is Mel Gibson.  As of Tuesday, Mel is still casually not up to much in Los Angeles.  Although to be fair, that doesn’t necessarily confirm he’s not in it, he was also the last big name on the set of The Expendables 3.


A while back we reported that Mel Gibson and Jackie Chan were to star together in Dragon Blade, a historical action epic set in China, Mel will play a Roman General leading a Legion into China where they team up with Jackie Chan to battle a ‘greater foe’.

I think the word I’d use to describe this piece of news was and is skepticism.  Despite his legion of haters, Mel Gibson is an extremely valuable commodity be it actor, director or other.  So this was an odd, if exciting, piece of casting news.

This weekend it’s back doing the rounds.  Sources are saying that Chan has been promoting the movie.  First of all it’ll be released on February 19th 2015, have a 3D IMAX release and supposedly is the most expensive Chinese film production ever.  What’s more interesting though is that Jackie Chan, when pressed, is keeping the co-star role secret, only admitting that he’s an A-List westerner.

And y’know that kinda sets off an alarm bell, is it really Mel?  Or is Chan just keeping the rumor mill stirring, with a lesser name coming in, wisely not denying?  Miraculously, we were able to get hold of someone from the Chinese casting department about six weeks ago when the news first came out, but they said they were obliged to say nothing, (you say nothing, NOTHING!) which doesn’t help, obviously.  But we’ll harass them again in due time.

Anyway, a busy year for Mel.  The Expendables 3 and Blood Father.  

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