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Milius Wants Mel Gibson To Direct Genghis Khan

The unstoppable John Milius is on the mend, kicking his recent health troubles in the ass and moving forward.  He is even giving interviews again and evidently hasn’t relaxed on his old-school opinions and viewpoints.

Asked recently whether he’d use CGI back in the day if it were available, Milius says: “Lawrence of Arabia didn’t need CGI, I wouldn’t have done anything differently.” which looks like a good indicator of it being absent in any further Milius projects.

Milius unsurprisingly also shits on shaking cam when asked if he would have ever employed it, simply stating “No, it’s awful”.

But probably most importantly, the latest movie that has been rumored to be in the pipeline under Milius’ guidance is a biopic of Genghis Khan.  Milius has said that Mel Gibson is the only man for the job.  Now that sounds beyond incredible, especially since the last rumored actor attached was Mickey Rourke.

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