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Poll: Should Stallone Make Another Rambo?

In last weeks poll First Blood surprisingly ousted Die Hard as manliest action movie of all time with 58-41%.

This week we’re wondering about a supposed Rambo V, as is alleged to be on the cards according to Avi Lerner, and whether or not it’s a good idea.  Some see the ending of Rambo IV as the perfect ending when Rambo returns home to Arizona – by the way, shouldn’t Rambo be a fugitive?  He was promised a presidential pardon if he completed a mission in Rambo II, which he technically didn’t.  Anyway, others think returning for another movie would be hitting that well one time too often.

So we’re wondering, what do you think?  Stallone looks about 50 in The Expendables 3, there’s always that.  But then, would there be a story out there worthy of being called Rambo V?

Let us know!