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BREAKING: Stallone’s Team In ‘ExpendaBelles’

One last ride eh?  Not quite.  We have some news today on the future of The Expendables franchise.  Yes, there’s a part 4 coming, but don’t forget that other movie, ‘The ExpendaBelles’ (working title).  Whether or not Stallone and his men will appear in part 4 is unconfirmed.  But now it is confirmed that Stallone and least one other Expendable will appear in ‘The ExpendaBelles’.

Here’s what director Robert Luketic had to say: “Sylvester Stallone’s in the movie… There’s a few of the male Expendables in it and I get to meet them, and so that’s cool.  The worst of my nerves are over now: Harrison Ford was the pinnacle.”

We speculated a while back that the movie might need some ‘buoyancy’ and that they’d bring in somebody like Bruce Willis.  Sounds like we were wrong about Willis but right about the general idea – Stallone and supposedly Ford will appear, likely with Ford presenting the mission, which will see the ‘ExpendaBelles’ take on a SouthEast Asian dictator.  But I’d say the other male Expendables will be fodder like Lutz or Ortiz.

Lastly, Luketic also mentioned: “I think I want to make a movie in the same way that The Expendables did, starting with the greatest female action heroes of previous generations, and of today, and to make it intense and fun.”

Source: [Total Film Print Magazine, May 2014: Issue 218]