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Filming Of Red Squad Pushed Back To August

Red Squad is going to be John McTiernan’s first movie back, possibly his comeback movie.  It was due to begin production in July until recently.  We are informed today that said start date has now been delayed a few weeks with production now pushed into August.  A while back a representative for this production also informed us that the cast would be revealed at Cannes.  I am not sure if this is still the case with these delays, but the main actor still rumored at this point to star is Nicolas Cage.

In Red Squad, “After his stakeout on the U.S. border results in bloodshed on both sides, TRENT MITCHELL, head of the DEA, convinces his deputy administrator, HAL, to help him put together a covert team to hopefully make a dent in the war on drugs.”

The delays in our opinion, for once, are a good sign.  McTiernan himself confirmed to EMPIRE that he had refused the script until it was to his liking.  So yes, it seems that this movie is not going to be just some old movie they shit out and hope for the best.  If no concrete news appears for next week’s festival, we’ll push for more information.

But it all looks good so far.