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Is This Mel’s Look For Blood Father (2015)?

Mel’s next movie, Blood Father (2015), should be shooting very soon.  In the next few weeks it seems, which possibly means he’ll miss the big Expendables 3 Cannes showcase and probably means he’s not starring in Dragon Blade (2015), as originally rumored.

Anyway, here are the latest pictures of Mel, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

They say he is carrying the script for the movie and is reciting his lines.  Since we’re close to shooting, we wonder is this his look for the film?  Either way, he looks alpha as fuck.

Principle photography for Blood Father begins in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the movie, Mel will play an ex-con out to even some shit up after some pissants kidnap his daughter.  A ‘Taken style movie’ is what people are calling it.  The movie will also be presented at Cannes in some fashion.

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