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Manliest Gangster Movie: Heat Vs Scarface

We ran a poll last week, should Rambo V go ahead?  Turns out that most think that it should, with 78% of people saying yes.  With Stallone looking in even better shape now than in Rambo IV, y’know, maybe it isn’t such a bad idea… if they get it right in the screenplay department.

This week, it’s back to our quest to find the manliest movie of all time.  In the last round, First Blood (1982), widely viewed as the genesis of ’80s action movies, surprisingly took out Die Hard (1988) to come out on top as the manliest action movie of all time.  As it happens, First Blood will meet one of the following in the semi finals.

It’s time to find out what the manliest gangster movie of all time is, Heat (1995) or Scarface (1983).  True enough, Al Pacino is in both, not to mention all Godfather movies.  Next week, RoboCop will meet Predator to declare the manliest sci fi ever.  That one should go right down to the wire.

So, why not go ahead and vote… is it Scarface or is it Heat?