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POLL: Will You Go See A PG-13 Expendables 3?

Yesterday Sylvester Stallone (no doubt abetting Avi Lerner) let the little tidbit slip just before all of that Cannes hoopla that The Expendables 3 will be a family movie.  As pointed out yesterday the timing was quite deliberate.  Stallone and Lerner probably hoped that the news would get lost among all the excitement.


All of that excitement has died down (and there was a metric ton of news, images and videos we just flat out refused to post), and the problem is still here.  We, the core fanbase have not forgotten.  There are other Rated-R action movies in the pipeline (more on that later today or tomorrow, a little morale booster) that aren’t going down this route of greed and tragedy.  So we can shit on this movie, if we can be ‘expendable’ to Mr. Lerner, his movie can be expendable to us.  I liken our current situation to Ed Harris’ stand off in The Rock (1996).

First, you should probably check out this Facebook Page, if you intend to boycott this movie.  Not sure who is behind it, but like it.  Second we’re running a poll this week on this.  Vote below, will you sell out, or are you not a fan of “soft-ass shit”?  Ironically the last poll we ran, Stallone squased Schwarzenegger 2:1 in our question of who was the bigger action star.  I wonder how that might have changed since…

Movies catering to the male demographic may be shrinking by the day, but we will go down swinging!