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(VIDEO) Mel Gibson Talks Role In The Expendables 3

We are in two minds on whether or not to outright black out Expendables 3 coverage or simply post the news anyway, as we find it.  But in any case right now, if it’s got Mel in it, we’re going to post it.  Obviously Mel is in The Expendables 3.

So we’re going to listen to what he has to say, at least.

Mel plays the villain, Conrad Stonebanks, a ruthless arms dealer and former Expendable (and co-team founder) who goes up against said group in The Expendables 3.  So while many are upset about the PG-13 scandal, this is a big deal for Mel, kinda.  We don’t often get to hear him speak in interviews like this these days, so here it is, short as it might be…

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