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We Want Guest Columns At

It’s approaching a year since ManlyMovie was launched as a website, we figure we’ve passed the initial survival stage of breaking through those first few months.  We’re going to look to further expansion in our second year.

Now we’re looking for some guest writers.

If anyone is interested, there’s nothing to it.  All we’r looking for is something relative.  So if you think you could contribute, have a particular viewpoint to air or maybe can add something or cover a particular area that we miss, send an email to [email protected], with your piece.  Regular contributions/an editors account are a possibility.  We just want like-minded writing.

This is not a politically correct site, as far as movies or in fact any other sphere or life goes. We don’t give a fuck about trending or safe bets.  As most of us know, the old school ship is taking on water so if you have to rant about it, you can do that here.  We like rants best (news tips don’t hurt either).

Look forward to hearing from you

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