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Kevin Sorbo Shits On Brett Ratner/Hercules


Manly Man Kevin Sorbo has seemingly had enough of Brett Ratner and his ego.  Sorbo thought himself a shoe-in for a cameo in the latest Hercules movie (the second of two this year, the first being Renny Harlin’s The Legend Of Hercules), however it wasn’t to be, and Sorbo has now taken time out to offer some choice words on this scandal.  Just what the fuck happened?

“Dwayne Johnson and I used to work out at the same gym, nice guy. We were sort of taken back they wouldn’t let me in that movie, not even do a cameo. I think it’s kind of stupid really. To not put me in a cameo to me is taking the business out of show business. We approached the director. I don’t know what his reasons are. I don’t know if it was political or ego or what it is? To not put me in for a stupid little cameo? The audience would have loved it.”

I think for what it was, Sorbo’s TV series might ultimately be remembered more fondly that this movie.  To be honest, I’m also more worried about what Brett Ratner is going to do to Beverly Hills Cop IV



  1. Josh

    July 21, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    This new Hercules looks horrible even from trailers, so maybe it’s good that Kevin Sorbo won’t be in it. He is my Hercules and I’m sure that The Rock won’t replace him in minds and hearts of many people.

  2. Kevin

    July 22, 2014 at 2:56 am

    I love Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules TV show. I have the dvd collection, but to say that having a cameo in this would be a shit move is beyond absurd. Sorbo’s movie career has some of the worst films ever put to direct to dvd. The new Hercules movie is light year ahead of the crap Sorbo has out his name on following his TV career.

  3. Dino Bambino

    July 23, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    “Sorbo thought himself a shoe-in for a cameo in the latest Hercules movie”

    LOL. What makes this guy think that the majority of people givea fuck about him anymore? Have you seen his latest movies? This isn’t 1998; you’re cool, but you don’t havea legion of fanboys anymore, Sorbo.

    This movie is PG-13 garbage, anyway. Just like those shitty 90s fantasy series/movies.