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Release Date Set For Schwarzenegger Zombie Drama “Maggie”

After he’s done with his extended cameo in The Expendables 3, Arnold’s next movie is going to be Maggie, a quiet apocalyptic drama set on a mid west ranch in the USA.  And the release date has now been set for the movie: November 14th.  This isn’t a big production, so don’t expect too much exposure.

Schwarzenegger plays the father of Maggie, played by Abigail Breslin, during the onset of a plague that slowly turns victims into zombies.  Directed by Henry Hobson, the budget was $10,000,000 and Lotus Entertainment will distribute.

A review of the screenplay was put up here a while back and rated 6/10.  It appears the movie is going to be slightly bogged-down, narratively speaking, with no real progression in its story to speak of.  Nevertheless execution is different from interpretation so this should be an interesting project for Schwarzenegger.  We’ll see how he handles such heavy drama.