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Teaser Clips For Sons Of Anarchy & The Walking Dead (2014)

Here are two clips for your consideration.  The first is from Sons of Anarchy, which will broadcast its 7th and final season this fall.  In the final season Courtney Love will guest star, as well as Marilyn Manson.  The new clip shows Jax Teller, alone on a poorly lit highway.. kinda ominous.

If you ask me however, Sutter needs this season to improve over the last few, especially since it’s the final to air.  Don’t forget though that Sutter has talked about spin offs including a possible prequel featuring Jax Teller’s father.

The second clip is for The Walking Dead, which is a series that seems to have picked up slightly in terms of quality, from its Little House On The Prairie tendencies from season two onwards.  Obviously, the gang were caught in a bit of trouble at the end of season four, season five will see them escape using “ingenuity and savagery”.
The Walking Dead season five is back on screens this October.  This clip is called “back to basics” and is a taste of what is to come.