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The Expendables 3 Sells Out 1st Screening


Despite the negative shitstorm over the past few days, a one-two blow of the movie not only being leaked in DVD format but also reportedly being the worst of the three, the first screening of The Expendables 3, or one of the first screenings, has sold out its 600 seats in just over an hour.

The premiere for the movie, in France at least, will take place at the UGC Normandie on August 7th.  Tickets went on sale at 10am local time this morning and have since all sold out.

While it may sound like the beginnings of a resounding success on the face of things, this is a red carpet premiere.  Red carpets are rolled out for big stars, so it’s an event, an attraction of sorts.  The real battle will come in North America on the opening weekend and second weekend, where no members of the cast will be present.  The movie will be facing off against TMNT and Sin City: A Dame To Kill for, both catering to opposite ends of the demo spectrum – one is a kids/family movie, the other is a R-rated action thriller.

The movie will almost certainly take a financial hit.  The only question now is how badly.  Either way it seems that Millenium and LionsGate are prepped for damage control with this leak.