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The Raid Remake – Frank Grillo Speaks


We know now that Frank Grillo is set to star in The Raid remake.  And that Patrick Hughes, director of Red (2010) and The Expendables 3 (2014) will direct.  At one point, the Hemsworth brothers were rumoured to be involved.  During promotion for The Purge: Anarchy (2014), Grillo took some time to address this remake.

Speaking on integrity and the stigma that remakes have, Grillo said: “You know, we want to keep the integrity of the two movies, the fight integrity specifically.  We will not make the movie, I will not make the movie — and I know that Patrick hughes is the same, unless we are absolutely sure that it will represent what the fans wanna see.  If it comes down to a point where we don’t think we can execute it, we won’t“.  Well I guess those are encouraging words.  Come to think of it, the original plan was to shoot that movie in early September.  But that has been pushed back to Q1 2015.

Source: [Collider]