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Updated: Tony Jaa In Kickboxer Remake Talks


Updated: We emailed Tony directly on this to see what was up and for now at least, he’s in discussions for this movie.  “Always liked the original Kickboxer. There are discussions taking place between my Agent and the Producer of the new version.”  Hopefully it works out.

Previously: It was announced earlier this year that Van Damme classic Kickboxer was due to get a remake.  Alan Moussi was revealed to be playing one of the Sloan brothers with Dave Bautista playing Tong Po.  The story is more or less similar to the original, but this time, with David Sloan being killed outright.

Now, action magazine ImpactOnline reports that whispers have Tony Jaa stepping in as Master Xian.  Which would be interesting to say the least.  Tony does fit the master role if you think about it, he’s not getting any younger.  Hopefully this gets a strong budget and has the energy of the original.  Don’t forget that TimeCop is also getting the reboot treatment.  Well, it has been 20 years…

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