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Bond 24 Facing Major Rewrites


It seems that all is not well with Bond 24.  Supposedly Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig were not happy with a dull screenplay being presented for the 24th movie in the series.

According to The Daily Mail “Writers Neil Purvis and Robert Wade answered a fire-alarm call from James Bond actor Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes to ‘rescue’ the screenplay for Bond 24 (the film’s working title), written by John Logan, and add some ‘thrills’.”

Of course nice buzzwords such as ‘overhaul’ are being used, but there seems to be some trouble so far with that movie, with Mendes practically begging Purvis and Wade to retool the story/screenplay after doing the same with John Logan for the last movie.  Anyway, it doesn’t surprise me as Ever Since GoldenEye, Bond Has Sucked.  I don’t rate Mendes, I don’t rate Craig, I don’t rate these screenwriters and I don’t buy into trying to polish a turd just because it’s Bond.

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