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(Friendly) Fistfights On Set Of Fury


There were fistfights on the set of David Ayer’s Fury, but it was all in good spirits.  “We put them through martial arts training and physical combat classes,” says Ayer, director of Sabotage. “It’s a great ice breaker for actors. There’s something very honest about being punched in the face.”

Who was the manliest, though?! “Jon Bernthal,” Logan Lerman says without hesitation. “Jon is actually the most experienced. He was really a boxer for many years—still is. I mean, that guy would go at it to the point where he’d have blood running down his face. Him and Michael Peña went at it pretty hard. He’ll kick any of our asses in a fight, but he was very nice to all of us.”

“Fury” also stars Shia LeBeuof and tells the story of a tank crew moving through Germany at the end of the war.  The movie is released October 17th.