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Michael Mann Talks Blackhat Storyline


It seems to me that it’s almost like people aren’t paying Michael Mann’s “Blackhat” attention, or aren’t even aware of it at all.  The movie is a heist/hacker thriller, which sounds like ideal Mann territory.  But nobody can explain the movie better than Michael Mann himself.  Here is his synopsis:

It is about a Blackhat hacker who has done about four years of a 15-year sentence in a federal prison.  He is given a last chance if he can identify, apprehend and locate a cybercriminal at work doing large scale crime for profit somewhere in the world.  In the process they’ve caused the meltdown of a nuclear reactor, but no-one knows what is their big hit, or who they are or where they are.

Trust man to stay on the cutting edge of such issues.  As we go into the 21st century this stuff is going to become much, much more prominent.  The computer is now a de-facto weapon of mass destruction, in many ways similar to an EMP or even a nuclear weapon.  It’ll be a growing feature and/or menace this century.  The Russians for example were practically able to shut down Estonian infrastructure not so long ago using hackers, a result of a debt beef.

And let’s not even get started on the Chinese…