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Neeson On “A Walk Among The Tombstones”


Ever since Taken, people have started to view Liam Neeson as something of an action star, and think when he comes out with a new movie, even if it’s remotely dark, that it’s going to be another Taken or Non Stop.  That’s not the case with his upcoming “A Walking Among The Tombstones” though.  Neeson is keen to stress that the movie, where he plays a former detective recruited to find a kidnapped girl, and  is directed by Scott Frank, is a slower thriller:

“When I first read Scott’s script, I hesitated, because I thought, ‘Here we go, here’s another fucking telephone call, talking to the bad guys.’  So there was a huge question mark before taking it on.”

Frank then convinced him that it was more like old ’70s style thrillers.  “He outlined how he wanted to treat it, very noir-ish, allowing scenes to play out rather than this MTV-style crazed editing, where if a character speaks more than two sentences, the editor gets scared, or the director gets scared that the audience will get bored.”

Frank then told Neeson to to watch the likes of “Klute” or “The Verdict” for inspiration and a feel of things to come.  So this could very well be a winner.

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