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New Clip From The Equalizer (2014)


A new clip for The Equalizer is online.  Years ago Jason Statham was all set to star in a reboot of this franchise.  “Odds against youNeed help? Call the Equalizer. 212 555 4200″.  That was the tagline.

For whatever reason it fell through and entered development hell until director Antoine Fuqua
checked in to give it a try.  And apparently he knocked it out of the parkbecause reports suggested that a mid-December test screening blew the roof off and garnered the “highest scores for an R-Rated movie in the studio’s (SONY) history”.  Yes, R-Rated and highly popular.

So popular Sony are fixing to do a sequel.  Denzel Washington has said he’d never do a sequel, yet here Sony is preparing for one for this – surely they wouldn’t without the key star on board?  Is the movie so good that Washington is breaking his own rule?