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New Info On Boondock Saints 3


New details have emerged on the planned third Boondock saints movie.  The movie will supposedly be titled The Boondocks Saints 3: Legion and the movie will involve legions of people taking the law into their own hands and following in the footsteps of brothers at the center of the first two films.

Series creator Troy Duffy has remarked “It’s my fault. It’s taken a while [to get the film off the ground].  It’s because I want to get it right.”  You can see a number of fan question Q&A videos at the Facebook page (they are not embeddable), where they also plan to supposedly run competitions to promote the movie, where fans can win unspecified roles in the movie.

Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus are both interested in returning.  Reedus even attempted to insert a nod into The Walking Dead.  “You know what I did?” Reedus told us at Comic Con last year. “It got cut, but when we were in the car last season, and we’re driving–we come out and he hears the phone call? I picked up stuff–I picked up a bunch of rope, wondering if people would pick that up. And it got cut out, but there was a thing which I don’t even know if I told anyone.”

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