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Scott Adkins In Talks For Raid Remake


There is an American remake of The Raid going ahead and Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes will helm.  There have been various names rumoured for it with Taylor Kitsch being a recent example.  Now another name in the mix is Scott Adkins.  TheActionElite have interviewed the director of this remake and he confirms that Scott is in talks:

“I met with Scott when I was out in Bulgaria doing early pre-production; he was there at the same studio shooting Hercules. I hung with him quite a bit and he’s really an awesome guy. He’s definitely in the mix and we’re in the process of casting now…”

To be honest I can’t think of a man more suiting for the role, assuming they don’t mess it up.  But the original is known for its brutality so I do not expect this to be PG-13, they wouldn’t dare.  It would probably be a bridge too far.  Another thing… I recall that Gareth Evans is a producer for this movie and suggested that he’d like to see Adkins on board.  So it’s quite possible.

Source: [TheActionElite]