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UPDATED: Stallone Screws Fans Who Paid $2,500


Updated: In an update to this story, it appears that fans who paid $2,500/£1,500 have not been refunded.  Those seeking information about refunds are being ignored by the organiser, OlexyFresh.  Tellingly, those seeking information about new tickets for other events are receiving prompt replies.  Supposedly 50 VIP tickets were sold, which is a cost of £75,000/$125,000 – not including travelling expenses and such.

But there appears to be more.  Remember when Stallone had to make an exit due to an undisclosed illness?  Fans who were screwed out of their $2,500 have since found a picture of Stallone posing happily with Rocco Buovino after things were finished, which was posted on the latter’s Facebook.  Does Stallone look ill to you here?

Come to think of that, was Stallone even aware of the supposed ‘meet and greet’, and was this a borderline criminal scam by OlexyFresh?


Previously: Recently, Sylvester Stallone held ‘An Audience With Sylvester Stallone’ in Manchester, England.  Now as ManlyMovie reported recently, Stallone was also due to hold a private meet and greet session, backstage – at a cost of a shocking $2,500 (£1,500) per fan.  It didn’t happen.

Before that though, Stallone showed up at the venue itself late, keeping fans waiting and forcing organisers to have impromptu ‘entertainers’ take to the stage.  It got worse than that though.  Way worse.

First, before the private meet and greet session, Stallone held private photo ops (also at a pricely cost, but not quite $2,500) – in the toilets.  Here is one fan report.

“The actual vip room was a locker room with a curtain hiding some urinals, the room was covered in stallone movie posters.  The photo op was not quite what i expected, i l was literally pushed in the back by the guys running the show into stallone who didn’t even look at me or say hi when i extended my hand to introduce myself, i have a photo with him which is great however it doesn’t seem real because the moment was so fleeting.”

Having fans pay money to get a photo with you is one thing, but doing it in the toilets and giving them the cold shoulder?  That’s a new one on me.  The worst was yet to come though.  The fans who paid for the ‘main event’, the $2,500 45 minute meet and greet session, were informed that it was cancelled as Stallone vacated the building due to ‘feeling ill’.

“After the photo op, we were ushered back into the vip room where a chap came in talking very loudly on his walkie talkie and i could tell from the instant i saw him and his nerves he knew Sly had no intention of doing the meet and greet. He informed us Sly was ill and had left the building. He looked very nervous and as the room got more mad you could tell even he didn’t believe his story. Bear in mind this was less than 5 minutes since the photo op.

Less than a minute after we were informed of this a security guard came in and was shouting at us all to get out and leave, i couldnt believe it, just shocking tact in a delicate situation in which a lot of peoples dreams had just been crushed. Luckily one of the bosses wisely shut him up before people would have gotten too mad.

I left the arena sad, mad upset, frustrated, annoyed and embarrassed that i spend all that money and got so excited to meet sly to be fobbed off.”

Now I dunno about you, but I’ve never heard of anything so low by an actor in my life.  Forcing fans to pay for photos, in the toilets, where you refuse to make eye contact, then to put the icing on the cake screw those who paid an outrageous $2,500 for a meet and greet by fleeing the building?  Only to then set aggressive security guards on bewildered fans?  Not even Steven Seagal has been guilty of something so low.

What was that again that this man said of Bruce Willis?  Greedy and lazy, a sure sign of career failure.