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(VIDEO) Rare Jim Cameron True Lies Interview


True Lies is a movie that has strangely never been supplemented very much despite how good the movie is, how successful it was and how big the names are that starred in it.  There isn’t even a Blu-Ray release for it yet, although we hear that it’s closer than most people think.

A press kit did the rounds in 1994 that again, didn’t seem to get used and if it did, very little outlets actually broadcast the material within it.  We received that press kit recently and are in the process of uploading the contents of it to our YouTube Channel.  Today, a seldom viewed interview with Jim Cameron has been added.

This video reminds me of Cameron’s glory days.  I still hold out hope that he’ll someday make a ‘raw’ movie, with a smaller budget, just to prove he can still mix things up.  Kinda like Michael Bay did with Pain & Gain, well, attempted to do anyway.