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Zombie Trailers: Rec4, Walking Dead

Yet another teaser is out for The Walking Dead season 5.  You can check it out below.  But that’s not all to enter today in our dedicated zombie section.  Rec4, don’t forget, is also on the horizon and the final trailer for that has also been released.

If you’re into zombie movies, those REC movies are definitely worth checking out.  The first two anyway, in the third they veered from efficient horror into ‘comedy’, which no-one thought was funny.  The director for the first two though, Jaume Balagueró is back to amend things with [REC] 4: Apocalypse.

In [REC] 4 Apocalypse action begins at the time that Angela Vidal, the only survivor of the terrible infection is evacuated the building. When finally the situation appears to be controlled chaos unleashed again and reborn Unborn adopting new and terrible forms.

It’ll supposedly be the final movie in the franchise, I guess this is the de-facto ‘third’ movie for the [REC] series.  The tanker that the movie is based on reminds me on a recent Resident Evil game which was set on an abandoned boat as well.

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