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Avi Lerner Vows To File 10 Million Lawsuits


Avi Lerner is an aggrieved man.  The Expendables 3 producer has said that he will go after every single person who downloaded The Expendables illegally.  Which would be 10 million people.

The producer estimated that since last week about 50,000 letters have been sent out, and he made it clear that the company has IP addresses for millions more.  “We will carry on until we get everyone,” Lerner said.  “That was 10 million people who stole the movie. We want to go after those 10 million people.”  Lerner also claims that the leak had cost him a quarter of a billion.

It won’t be as easy as he thinks though.  The same thing happened for the first movie and Millenium found difficulty pursuing legal action against downloaders outside the state of California in the USA.  I’m assuming that has not changed and will be even more difficult with countries outside North America.  Even then, I’m sure many would argue that they had simply been careless with their wireless security.

That said, surely the first on Lerner’s hitlist will be, where their editor openly admitted to stealing the movie.  However in that particular case, the author may have already seen the movie as a member of the press, in which case you cannot actually be prosecuted.  But that would only serve to prove that the author was shilling, because that article was profuse.