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Bernthal Talks Living In A Tank For 12 Weeks


Jon Bernthal is one of the men starring in upcoming WW2 tank thriller “Fury”, directed by “Sabotage” director David Ayer.  For the movie he and the rest of the cast spent the majority of 12 weeks — not including pre-production time, inside a Sherman tank.  Bernthal describes the experience:

“It was the first time we met each other, we were so close. I thought, ‘There’s no way we’ll be able to do this. There’s no
room. We’re going to freak out.’ Then Brad said, ‘It’s going to start smelling very bad in here very fast!’ That broke the ice. By the time we started shooting, we’d been in that thing so much. We had lived in it, gone to the bathroom in it, cooked in it, slept in it. We knew it very, very intimately. It was as comfortable as any living room I’d ever been in.”

The movie is set in the final weeks of WW2 as an American tank crew entire German territory.  Fury is released October 17th.

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