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Braveheart Filmed 20 Years Ago


The release of Braveheart is not yet 20 years old, but the filming of the movie now is.  The movie was put before cameras two decades ago largely at The Curragh, an Irish military base, in Ireland, obviously.

Up to 1,000 young Reserve members of the Irish Defence Forces signed up to appear as extras in the movie, as the “Leinster Leader” looks back:

There were early starts and lots of waiting around, costume fits and long days on set over the making of the film but there was fun and games too and this can been seen in a documentary called ‘Braveheart Extra’. To mark the 20th anniversary of the making of Braveheart, the Defence Forces Audiovisual Unit have restored a behind the scenes documentary called ‘Braveheart Extra’ featuring interviews with Mel Gibson, Alun Armstrong and most importantly the Defence Forces members.

The movie was also filmed on location in Scotland as not even Irish locales can recreate the breath-taking spectacle of the Scottish Highlands.  They may attack Mel non stop these days but they can’t take this masterpiece away from him.  Superb film maker and a classic movie.

Source: [LeinsterLeader]