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Jack Reacher Sequel In The Works


Author Lee Child has revealed that a sequel to the 2012 vigilante thriller “Jack Reacher” is actually in the works.  The first movie was based on the novel “One Shot”, this new movie will be based on the novel “Never Go Back”  Child has said:

“Any of these books, you look at them and say ‘we could do that’, but then you look at it and go, ‘well, how are we going to do it? They’re all very difficult.’ [The character Samantha Dayton] convinced them about which book to make for the next movie. It’s almost a three-hander in terms of audience appeal – you’ve got Reacher, you’ve got the woman sidekick (Major Susan Turner), and then you’ve got this strong teenage girl character which they were very interested in.”

This story will see Jack Reacher return to his military roots as the army recalls him back into action.  I have not read any of these books but I do wonder how they would explain Tom Cruise being called back into the service at his age, unless it was something “black”.  As for a potential director, Child also says that Christopher McQuarrie, who directed the first, probably won’t return:

“McQuarrie is going to be in post-production on Mission: Impossible 5. He just physically can’t do it. It’s going to be a new backroom crew, which I think is good. I thought the McQuarrie movie was fantastic, but let’s see someone else’s take on it.”

There are nineteen books in total with the most recent scoring a release only two weeks ago.  The screenplay for the latest movie has just been finished and is being picked up by the studio right now.

Source: [Empire Magazine]


  1. mucho macho

    September 16, 2014 at 11:34 pm

    Cruise clearly has taken care of himself. Much like in his previous movies his characters are younger. He can easily pass playing characters that are 10 years younger. People are so fucking hung up on age. I see guys in their 20’s who look like shit run over twice.
    this bullshit mentality is what drove Stallone to pack an Expendables movie with pussy shit “actors”.
    I liked The movie a lot. Happy 2 see even the great Robert Duvall kick ass.
    Recast Reacher with shia labeouf.

  2. Saverio

    September 17, 2014 at 12:52 am

    I loved the first but the director not returning and author Lee Child saying, “let’s see someone else take it on” makes me so nervous and is a recipe for failure. Never mess with a good thing.

  3. Palma

    September 19, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    The books are really good, adventure/action-novels, like Clive Cusslers first books about Dirk Pitt before he decided to write about different characters and involve kids and shit.

    I liked the first movie, although it could have been a lot better. I still don’t get why they didn’t use some important plots and characters in the movie, aswell as the actual final fight, the whole ending in the movie wasn’t that good. A good director and this is a movie i would watch.