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More Legal Trouble For Snipes


It seems that the legal woes of Wesley Snipes are not over just yet.  He  was served with legal papers during the red carpet premiere of “The Expendables 3” movie earlier this month, RadarOnline reports.

According to Radar, Snipes is being sued by Sitrick & Company public relations firm “for failure to pay fees associated with work the group did when the actor was facing felony tax evasion charges.”

Snipes’ legal papers state that the 52-year-old actor must “furnish information to aid in enforcement of a money judgement” that has totaled to the amount of $103,000.  I would consider these “loose ends” though, and would presume that Wesley isn’t too worried.  Wesley Snipes, despite his legal troubles, is a very wealthy man who has always handled his finances (taxes not withstanding) in a very smart way.

Now, about that Blade IV idea… let’s get that ball rolling!

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