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Poster, Synopsis For Seagal’s “Gutshot Straight”


Steven Seagal has another movie coming.  No surprise there.  And it’s another DTV.  No surprise there either.  The movie is called “Gutshot Straight” and is on its way this winter.  Here is the synopsis:

Steven Seagal is back in Gutshot Straight, a crime thriller directed by Justin Steele (Death and Cremation). Don’t let the misleading poster fool you: Seagal is only a co-star of an entourage cast that includes George Eads (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), AnnaLynne McCord (Scorned), Stephen Lang (In the Blood), Ted Levine (A Single Shot), Vinnie Jones (Midnight Meat Train) and Tia Carrere (Showdown in Little Tokyo).

You would have to wonder how much the two Steves (Lang and Seagal) are actually in the movie.  Yes they are on the cover, but I think with the direction that this video industry is going the lion’s share of the movie will be taken up by unkowns.  Gutshot Straight will hit DVD on December 2nd.

Source: [CityOnFire]