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Reinhold On Beverly Hills Cop IV Budget


Judge Reinhold’s next movie (after I Am Potential) is Beverly Hills Cop IV.  He’s going to reprise his role as Billy Rosewood.  Actually, his last movie before I Am Potential was also Beverly Hills Cop, but in TV movie format.  The pilot was purchased by CBS but they didn’t air it.  The leading star, Brandon T. Jackson, later said they thought it was too violent.

Anyway, in Cop IV, Foley and Rosewood will move between Detroit and L.A. to get down to business.  The only thing known at present is that it’ll be R-rated and the Detroit scenes will be feature the worst storm on record.

Aside from that, in a new video Judge Reinhold discusses the probable budget for the movie, he suggests it’ll likely be around $80,000,000, which is more than The Expendables 3 for example, since Avi Lerner always inflates his actual budgets.  Reinhold also tells a fun Stallone anecdote re: the original Beverly Hills Cop, starting around the (09:00) mark.

Paramount recently told us that they’re “not ready” to reveal the start date yet, but would inform us when they are.